A selection of images from a recent trip to Hawaii.

The islands are a nature photographers dream, and a must visit for anybody in love with the forest and the sea.


The forest around the Akaka falls. Big Island


Swimming with dolphins off Kona. Big Island


Sunset at Kihei. Maui


A cafe tucked into the trees along the road to Hana. Maui


A cave in the forest near Hana. Maui


A pair of amorous trumpetfish photographed in the Molokini crater. Maui


A view of the gorgeous Napali coast from the Kalalau trail. Kaua’i


A blowhole at Po’ipu. Kaua’i


An albatross with it’s extraordinary wingspan glides over the water near it’s nesting grounds in Princeville. Kaua’i


Albatross. Kaua’i


A Green Turtle cruises the shallows as a breaking wave passes overhead. Kaua’i


Capturing the underneath of a breaking wave. Kaua’i


A stream. Kaua’i


Sunset near Princeville. Kaua’i


One response to “Hawaii

  1. Great photos. The breaking wave from underwater looked like the sky with clouds and had me foxed for a moment. The dolphins, turtle, and the albatross – make me want to go back to Hawaii.

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