Photography lesson with Camille Mancion & Diya Das

Camille Mancion & Diya Das did the photography dive of their PADI Advanced Open Water Course with me. After an hour-long theory and equipment orientation session, each of them spent a little over an hour with the camera underwater. For beginners who have never handled a DSLR underwater, they quickly picked up the basics of close-focus-wide-angle photography. They used a Nikon D300 DSLR & a Tokina 10-17mm lens in a SeaNSeaHousing with two SeaNSea strobes. Here are some images from their dives. All exposures were achieved in manual mode – the way they should be!!


Image by Camille Mancion. Wandoor


Image by Camille Mancion. Wandoor


Image by Camille Mancion. Wandoor


Image by Camille Mancion. Wandoor


Image by Diya Das. Wandoor


Image by Diya Das. Wandoor


Image by Diya Das. Wandoor

The purpose of getting Camille and Diya to shoot entirely in manual mode was to get them to understand how to read the light in a potential photograph rather than relying on the camera. After achieving the right hue of blue in the background they then practiced lighting the subject in the foreground with different strobe settings and directions of light. Pretty darn good for a first dive!!


2 responses to “Photography lesson with Camille Mancion & Diya Das

  1. Lovely indeed, but with such a magnificent teacher I would expect no less 🙂

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